Arem Marine

Arem Marine’s core business is to design, source material, fabricated and manufacture alloy related products. The Marine0company is recognized as a specialist fabricator of premium alloy yacht and alloy special purpose products for Australian market. The major sector would be alloy yacht for commercial and private use. Arem Marine is recognized as an innovative designer fabricator of award winning unique high-tech alloy yacht. Arem Marine has spent many years of research and development to construct this light and unsinkable yacht with latest design and technology to the requirement of the clients without compromising the safety and comfort of the users. Quality control is rigidly monitored at all stages of design, material sourcing, production, and transportation. All products shipped to the customers are subjected to zero defect quality control process by the internal Quality Control Department and Australian Regulatory Authorities. Arem will expand its Australian facilities and set up fully equipped factories in China in order to cope with the huge orders that are forthcoming from both countries. The demand for alloy high-tech yacht is on a steep growth path, coming from a very low base both Australia and China. The strong economy in Australia and China, high GDP, affordability of quality yacht will sustain an increasing demand for the company’s yachts for many years to come. Arem is already well established in Guangzhou, Fujian, Hunan, Shanghai and Beijing has recently short listed some distributors in these major cities.