Industry Focus

Arem Pacific Corporation (Arem) is aiming to create wealth for all the investors by not only focusing on the prominent 21st century economic activities in the Pacific Rim, but also providing an unusual platform for highly skilled individuals to offer their skills and expertise in creating wealth for the Corporation.

Arem believes that while creating wealth the planet earth must remain healthy and clean for all living things to enjoy and live in. In this regard, Arem has placed great importance in the development of technologies that make this possible. Advance technologies from several parts of the World will be harnessed and implemented:.

(a) recycling plastic waste into a “barrier film” for keeping food fresh;.

(b) processing old rubber tires into Bio Diesel Fuel;.

(c) processing long hemp fiber into short fiber raw material, creating similar length and strength of the cotton fiber, to help satisfy an ever increasing demand in the textile industry;.

(d) processing public, industrial, commercial waste water into clean drinking water and the solid wastes would be recyled into raw materials again..

Other businesses that Arem involves are unique as it aims to create a better and higher living standard. It strategically positions its skilful & resourceful professionals into businesses to ensure that they are operated efficiently, effectively and successfully, good returns for the investors become natural consequences..

Arem has intimate working relations with Financial Institutions around the world. The linkage enables Arem to raise large capital from public listing. The ultimate goal is to generate employment, wealth and healthy body & mind for the people at large. Everyone enjoys the fruit of success with better living and peaceful conditions, these new products have a great market potential in China and the world..

Arem will help our clients in this field to become public companies and our shareholders will be provided an opportunity to invest in some exciting companies in this industry.


Executive Summary

Arem has the capability to help companies to become publicly listed in the United States capital markets. Arem focuses on high-growth companies in China and Asia, offering IPOs, joint ventures, and merchant banking services. It also assists clients in raising capital in the U.S. and the World. An overall objective for Arem is to acquire all high potential projects available in the specialized area, so both the Countries targeted and the company itself can grow together..

Arem has a very simply and straightforward mission that is to establish a strong and efficient relationship with all our clienteles with an aim to obtain different enterprises development projects within Australia, China and South East Asia. Arem strive it success by focusing on the potentials and outcome of each project on hand..