Flounders, an open plan kitchen, high standard in hygiene and food preparation with quality food standards and Food4cleanliness. Constantly having routine inspections to ensure these standards are maintained at all times. Sales of any product begins at a visual level and ends with an experience.

Traditional recipes and top quality products, Flounders has taken it a step further, using organically sourced products, adding a traditional secret spice based batter to the fish and searched the best “A” grade potatoes and fish.

Affordable, well sized portions, customer service and quality as an all in one package at most “take aways” Flounders stick to these fundamental basics, a foundation of a supplier-customer relationship

With a Flounders franchise, we offer the franchisee:Food1

  • Secret recipes and cooking techniques for a wide choice of great tasting food;
  • Training and staff development;
  • Simplicity of operations;
  • Strong support systems for franchisees;
  • Advice, support and contacts for keeping costs low for start up and ongoing operation;
  • Prime premises for food retail which are exclusive to us due to our reputation, brand wareness and contacts in the property sector;
  • Design and consultancy of all aspects of shop fit.