Miss Arem 澳宝红小姐选美大赛

2017 MISS AREM Beauty Pageant


-智慧之美 亲善而行-

Rules and Regulations 大赛报名规则 


The Essential Requirements and Conditions:

1. 年龄在18岁至40岁之间的女性。
Girls are Aged between 18-40

2. 身高在163CM至180CM之间
Height between 163cm-180cm

3. 体重在48kg——60kg
Weight between 48kg-60kg

4. 有良好的品德, 具备个性、气质的脸庞和优美的身材
which are good morality/character/good-looking and a statuesque figure

5. 学历:本科以上
bachelor or above degree

Our Miss Arem  


Beauty 美丽 85
Smart 聪慧 95
Fashion 时尚 85
Influence 影响力 95


Registration :


Please fill and sign the Register Form then email it to Official Email:  missarem@arempac.com.


Click for download Register Form

Download Form 下载申请表

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Preliminary competition content

  • “我的生活”——自我介绍(姓名、学院、专业、爱好、生活中有趣或难忘的事情)1分钟

    “About me”- Self-Introduction (name, college, majors, hobbies, interesting facts, or most memorable event in your life) 1 minute

  • “形象展示”——形象展示基本走台15秒

    “Wear display” – Impression, walk, posture and stage presence 15 seconds

  • “才艺展示”——才艺表演(唱歌、跳舞、武术、相声、书法、绘画、摄影等等)2分钟

    “Talent Show” – talent show (singing, dancing, martial arts, crosstalk, calligraphy, painting, photography, etc.) 2 minutes

  • “智慧问答”——即兴问答(题目有关:金融知识、红酒文化知识、社会历史等)1分钟

    “Wisdom Quiz” – improvisation (subject: financial knowledge, knowledge of wine culture, social history, etc.) 1 minute