Arem Pacific Corporation (ARPC) announced today :- ARPC’s Attorney-at-law Mr Daniel H. Luciano had recently visited Australia and met with our Corporate Auditor Shine Wing Australia and thereafter Inspected several projects & assets in Australia & China

From November 6 to 16,2016, our U.S. Corporate Attorney-at-law Mr. Daniel H. Luciano visited Australia, met with Mr. Matthew Schofield, the PCAOB Auditor Shine Wing Australia and Mr. Thomas Tang, the President & his top management team in Melbourne, Australia. The purpose of his visit was to provide guidance on the trail of merger & acquisition in various part of the world. Arem Pacific Corporation (ARPC) is engaged in negotiations with a number of parties with regards to acquisitions of several assets in Australia & China. While there was some speculation that it may have its sights on listing these assets.
The meeting is to streamline the staffing requirements, audit planning, budget revisions and all legal requirements. This will enhance the timely delivery of information requests later in the audit process that lead to better cooperation and compliance of US GAP auditing, legal requirements and the business unit.
Mr Luciano had Inspected Physiotherapy operations in Australia; tungsten & marble mining, dairy farm in yunnan province, and hot springs resort in Chongqing city, China

Thomas Tang, the President had instructed his management team to conduct due diligence on a couple of other assets, businesses opportunities.